Automotive Personnel Network LLC

Sales Training - What We Do

Our Sales Recruiting and Training Event provides you with turn-key additions to your sales team.

While you and your management team run your store, we interview, screen and train your next group of sales professionals.

What Our Program Incloudes:

  • Our ad department creates and places attention-getting ads both on-line and in print. These ads begin running one week before the Training Event.
  • We schedule interviews for all applicants who respond to our ads.
  • Our trainer arrives at your dealership on Monday morning.  Monday and Tuesday, we interview and screen all applicants.
  • The applicants that we are confident will effectively sell cars are invited back for training on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Friday, at the end of the process, you select the trained individuals that you would like to add to your sales team.

This is a 5-day program. 

  • We interview and screen Monday and Tuesday
  • We train on Wednesday and Thursday
  • You select your people on Friday

We offer an uninterrupted, 5 day program to recruit and train the best talent in your market.

Your Investment:

  • The dealership invests $ 999 for every salesperson selected, plus advertising and trainer travel. This yields the best response, as it requires no cash from the applicant. 

  • There is a $1,995 investment for the internet ads which will run on several job boards.  This includes preparing layout and design for ads and setting interview appointments.

  • The dealership pays for ad placements at their contract rate with each newspaper they choose to use and reasonable travel reimbursement for the trainer.