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Freightliner                          2019 M2 106   6 x 4
Front Axle GVWR:               16,000
Rear Axle GVWR:                44,000
Total GVWR:                        60,000
Front Axle/Suspension:     Meritor, Taperleaf Spring
Rear Axle/Suspension:      MT, Hendrickson 5.29 RAR
Wheelbase:                         206
Brakes:                                 Air Brakes
Engine:                                 Cummins L9 300 HP
Transmission:                     Allison 3500 RDS w/PTO Auto 6spd
Fuel Capacity:                     50 U.S. Gal Driver’s Side
Front Tires:                         315/B0R 22.5 Radial Michelin
Rear Tires:                          11R-22.5 Radial Michelin
Wheels Front/Rear:           22.5 Hub Piloted Steel Painted
Electrical System:              12 Volt, Standard
Paint:                                   One Color
Other:                                  Heater, AC, Defroster, Air Ride
                                             Driver's Seat, Non-Air Ride                                                             Passenger Seat

Code:                              Non-Code Steel
Capacity:                        3,000 Gallons 15' Long 1 Compartment
Walkway:                       Non-skid walkway top of tank
Construction:                1/4" Steel Tank Shell Material
                                        1/4" Steel Flanged and Dished ASME Style Heads (2) & Baffles (2)
                                        1/4" Steel Straight Z-Style Subframes (2)
                                        3" 80 Durometer Rubber Between Tank and Chassis
Manway:                        20" Manway Top of Tank
Cleanout:                       20" Cleanout Rear of Tank
Moisture Trap:              12" Steel 450 CFM Primary w/ Aluminum Lid
Vacuum Guages:           Pressure 30/30 Rear of Tank
Pressure Relief Valve:   2" Top of Tank w/ Drain Hose
Vacuum Relief Valve:    1 1/2" Top of Tank
Gauges:                           (3) 5" Steel Sight Eyes Rear Head
                                          (1) Steel Tank Level Gauge w/ Arrow indicator and Adjustable
                                              Stainless Steel Float Ball w/ Decal
Discharge:                       6" Rear Brass Knife Gate Lever Valve Discharge
                                              w/Aluminum Camloc and Cap w/Lanyard
Intake:                              4" Rear Brass Knife Gate Lever Valve Intake w/ Sheppard
                                             Staff & Aluminum Camloc & Cap w/ Lanyard
Ladder:                             Steel Driver's side Ladder w/ Grip Strut Platform
Lights/Wiring:                  (2) 6" LED Worklights on Tank Rear, Cab Controlled
                                           DOT LED Light Kit Tandem Axel
                                           DOT Conspicularity Tape Required
                                           (1) 15" Rectangualr Amber Beacon Light Steel Tank Rear Center
                                               Mounted w/ Cab Controls
Hooks, Eyes, Lugs:          (2) 6" Steel Hose Hooks Rear Head
                                           (2) Lifting Lugs Top of Tank
Fenders:                            (2) 10G Bonnet Style Tandem Axel Fenders w/
                                               Full-Length Hose Lays w/ Drains
                                           (2) Rear Mounted Mud Flaps & Anti-Sail Brackets
Hose Edge Protector:     (2) 10G Aluminum Diamond Plate Hose Edge Protector
Tank Mounts:                  (4) Heavy-Duty Solid Tank Mounts
                                           (2) Heavy-Duty Spring Tank Mounts
Color:                                Tank painted one-color to match Cab
Pump:                               Masport Titan 407 CFM Plug and Play Air-Cooled Vacuum
                                           Pump System, Hot Shift PTO 1310 Driveline, Cab Controlled
Tool Box:                          18" x 18" x 36" Tool Box on Passenger Side
Bumper:                            DOT Rear Straight Bumper Assembly & DOT ICC Bumper
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