Automotive Personnel Network LLC

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

NAICS Codes for Professional Employer Organizations

561330 Professional Employer Organization

We help you and/or your sub-contractors do more work.

APN provides human resources and human resource management services to client businesses. We operate in a coemployment role with organizations, performing a wide range of human resource and personnel management duties, such as payroll accounting, payroll tax return preparation, benefits administration, recruiting, and managing labor relations. We acquire and contract employees and serve as the employer of the contracted employees for payroll, benefits, and related purposes. We exercise varying degrees of decisionmaking relating to personnel management, but do not have management accountability for the work of our clients' operations with regard to strategic planning, supervision, output, or profitability.

​We add capability and capacity to help Small Business Firms (e.g., DBE, SBE, SBC, 8(a), HubZone, EDWOSB, etc.) fulfill their contract obligations by not only supplying personnel, but carrying the labor costs.  APN ...
  • Employs your contract/temporary workers.
  • Pays their weekly salaries, reducing your cash flow requirements.
  • Provides associated Worker's Compensation and Liability Insurance.
  • Handles all administrative tasks associated with employee payroll, including vetting, tax forms, timesheet, benefits, payroll tax, and workers compensation processing, issuing paychecks and direct deposits.

​APN's Cloud-based, online, timesheet application allows temporary and contract employees the ability to...
  • record their daily hours
  • submit their weekly hours to their supervisors for approval 
  • submit approved timesheets directly to APN's accounting and payroll system

This ensures​ timely and accurate payroll processing.

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