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Outplacement Services

APN Staffing and Employment Solutions is in the business of helping people make a smooth and rewarding career transition by providing Outplacement Services. We provide the counsel and resources to build the foundation for out placed employee's successful career transition.

Our Outplacement Services provide companies that are downsizing, downsizing, restructuring or outplacing employees with resources, so their employees can prepare and they can be placed in their next position. 

APN's programs are customized to individual needs and include:

  • Coaching, 
  • Self-assessment 
  • Resume and Cover Letter writing
  • Target Marketing 
  • Proven interviewing and negotiation techniques 

These services maximize and expedites placement potential.

Why use an Outplacement Service?
  • Enhance both your Customer and Employee Satisfaction during a difficult time
  • Avoid costs for legal counsel, a possibility as a result of employment layoff
  • Retain and preserve morale and productivity of employees still with the company
  • Maintain your good corporate image to other companies and the community
  • Acknowledge the contributions of downsized employees and 
  • Assist employees with successfully landing new positions

Why use APN's Outplacement Service?
  • Because of our recruiting experience, we understand the business decision to reorganize and downsize to meet the company's long-term strategic needs. Therefore, we can be valuable advisors during a difficult time.
  • We employ an entire team of professionals, who will work with employees in their preparation to effectively get a new position. Each displaced employee is provided a complete list of services to be delivered by our team and a schedule is developed to deliver those services. Our coaches will work with them, one-on-one, and as team, during their contract period to help them execute a successful employment search.
  • We offer outplacement programs for all levels of employees, but we are particularly successful in placing managerial and professional employees.

APN's PREP Program:
P: Plan your job search; assess your capabilities; determine your   professional objective; and create your resume and communication strategy
R: Research and define your target market; use effective self-marketing methods to get you to the hiring authority
E: Enhance interviewing techniques and cultivate offers
P: Position yourself for successful negotiations and transition into your new position

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