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Parts Management Training
We focus on parts personnel and how they affect the customer and the organization. We define parts processes for the individuals and comprise these ideas to develop parts managers as consistent leaders of customer service. We then analyze these practices to maximize overall department efficiency and profitability. Our final step is assisting parts management in observing and supporting each individual parts employee with processes that fall outside of their current training and methods of conducting day-to-day business. 

Process Development Manual
We will interview general manager, service manager and service writer(s) to determine scope of current accepted service processes. We will then observe these practices from the service drive as they actually occur. We will then compile analysis of the perceived processes and compare to what is actually taking place. We will review this analysis with the general manager, service manager, support staff, etc… The review will determine the basis for your dealership’s service process manual. We will then create the service process manual as it was observed and agreed upon by management. 

Fixed Operations Consulting
Now that we have developed a process manual each dealership may require a review and possible changes to processes that are not working or have evolved as service personnel become more adept at completing their daily tasks. We will place a service professional in the dealership to review these processes with management and employees, observe actual practices and once again make recommendations that will benefit the organization, employees and customers. We will also update the service process manuals to reflect any agreed upon changes. We recommend, at a minimum, a 90 day review and annually after this initial review.