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Meet APN's Recruiters

APN's Recruiters are highly knowlegeable of and experienced in the industry sectors they serve.  So, you can be assured that they understand your industry, the positions you are seeking and the challenges you face. 

All of our Recruiters focus on win, win, win, win outcomes.  We strive to satisfy not only our clients and candidates, but our clients' patients and customers. 

Clients and candidates are never just numbers to us.  We are an extension of them and they are an extension of us.

Nicholas Mazur - Sr. Executive Recruiter

Nicholas Mazur is a Phoenix-born native. He joined APN's Healthcare team in 2014 and manages recruitment processes.

Before joining APN, Nicholas was involved in management of a variety sales teams in high-end construction specialties. He excels at training and mentoring Recruiters, so they better navigate complex searches and more effectively locate high quality candidates that meet or exceed client requirements.

Nicholas is a graduate of Brophy College Preparatory.
Nick Mazur
Senior Executive Recruiter
602 788-5890 x 110
Nick Mazur

Ren'e Pelayo - Executive Recruiter

Ren'e moved to Arizona from Texas in 1987 and, when she is not working to help clients and candidates, enjoys spending time with her family.

She has 27 years in automotive banking and finance and 4 years in Healthcare Recruitment, with a heavy focus on Mental Health Practitioners.  Previously, she worked as an automotive finance manager, retail branch manager and credit analyst. She also was self-employed for 7 years working with automotive dealer principles across the United States, providing Finance training for dealerships.

Ren'e is known for her friendly, outgoing nature and professionalism.  She takes a personal interest in her clients and candidates to ensure both are happy with the results of her work on their behalf. 

She actively participates in SkyKids , an organization that offers children with special needs an opportunity to fly in a general aviation aircraft with an expert pilot along with a parent or friend to experience the wonders and enjoyment of flight. The children gain confidence and self-esteem by being "in command" of the amazing machine.
Ren'e Pelayo
Executive Recruiter
602 788-5890 x116

Bruce Elmore - Recruiter
Bruce moved to Arizona from North Carolina in 2014. He joined APN in 2016, bringing his extensive Automotive industry experience as a Salesman, Desk Manager, Used Car Manager, and Finance Manager. He has worked for large Toyota and Lexus dealerships and understands the importance of Customer Satisfaction, Quality, Sales growth, and Profit.

Bruce excels in meeting and exceeding Client and Candidate requirements, through active listening and creative searches that successfully locate exceptional talent, both active and passive.  He successfully matches the right candidates with the right clients, so there is a win/win result. 

Bruce Elmore
602 788-5890 x121
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Marcia Janzen - Recruiter

Marcia has been a successful Client Service Executive for over 35 years; first in the field of Market Research and then as an Executive Recruiter. She has held positions as VP Client Service,and VP Senior Account Executive for international organizations, including: TNS, Gfk, Directions Research and Winona Research.

She started working for APN in 2016 and focuses on Automotive Retail personnel. She is a great communicator and is known for her responsiveness to both Clients' and Candidates' needs.

Marcia holds a BS in Business with an emphasis in Marketing and Management from the University of Minnesota.

Marcia Janzen
 602 788-5890 x120
LinkedIn:  Marcia Janzen

Jodi Krisman - Recruiter

Before joining APN, Jodi worked in the Aerospace Recruiting Industry. Prior to this, she spent 20 years in Corporate Accounting in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry.

Jodi excels at satisfying clients' and candidates.  She meets and exceeds her goals by finding the best possible candidates and matching them with her clients ever changing needs. She strives for win/win situations that drive both client and candidate success.
Jodi Krisman
602 788-5890 x124

Michael Etherington - Recruiter

Michael started working at APN in 2017. He is an experienced Healthcare Recruiter and has worked as a Safety Officer, Technical Sales and Administrative Assistant.

He enjoys networking with people to create long lasting relationships and uses his extensive knowledge in healthcare and people to help both clients and candidates reach their full potential.

Michael Etherington
602 788-5890 x123
LinkedIn:  Michael

Angel Rivera - Recruiter

Angel was born and raised in Southern California and moved to Phoenix in 2006.  He currently is studying International Business at ASU with an emphasis in Human Resources.
Angel brings over ten years of healthcare recruiting experience to APN, working for several healthcare providers and corporations. 

Angel excels in management, marketing and sales, working to create an inclusive environment; providing exceptional customer service.  He enjoys an active lifestyle with fitness as a priority and spends time with his family and friends.  

Angel actively participates in various organizations, such as: The American Diabetes Association, the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, The Colon Cancer Awareness Group, The American Cancer Society and the AIDS foundation. 
Angel Rivera
602 788-5890 x111
LinkedIn:  Angel Rivera