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Meet APN's Recruiters

APN's Recruiters are highly knowlegeable of and experienced in the industry sectors the serve.  So, you can be assured that they understand your industry, the positions you are seeking and the challenges you face. 

All of our Recruiters focus on win, win, win, win outcomes.  We strive to satisfy not only our clients and candidates, but our clients' patients and customers. 

Clients and candidates are never just numbers to us.  We are an extension of them and they are an extension of us.

Harriet O'Connor - CEO

Nicholas Mazur is a Phoenix-born native. He joined APN's Healthcare team in 2014 and manages recruitment processes.

Before joining APN, Nicholas was involved in management of a variety sales teams in high-end construction specialties. He excels at training and mentoring Recruiters, so they better navigate complex searches and more effectively locate high quality candidates that meet or exceed client requirements.

Nicholas is a graduate of Brophy College Preparatory.
Nick Mazur
Senior Executive Recruiter
602-788-5890 x 110
Nick Mazur